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At iKö you can learn everything you need to know to pass the B class driver's licence theory test on the first attempt.

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The Licence Game is a game which makes studying for your driver's licence easier and more fun!

The game contains short levels of theory lessons, road signs and various types of tests. Once you have passed all levels, you are ready for the real theory test!

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Practice with our theory test online

An effective method of preparing for the Swedish B class theory test is by taking our free online driving test with free theory questions. By practicing with questions that are similar to those that appear on Trafikverket’s test and getting detailed explanations about the correct answers, you will be well prepared for the real theory test.

Our online theory test is designed to be as similar to the real test as possible, so that you have a good understanding of the questions and feel confident that you know the correct answers. However, just learning the correct answers is not quite enough. Our tools help you fully understand the traffic rules and allow you to reason your way to the correct answer with the help of smart functions and explanations that complement the information in our online free theory.

"An amazingly fun way to learn the theory without boring books. Thanks for that!"

"So worth the money! I stopped reading the theory book and completely switched to this. And passed the theory test!"

"I'm crazy about this game that you made! The whole journey through has been a lot of fun and educational!"

Study driving theory with our interactive tools

There are, of course, other sites which also offer free theory tests and the opportunity to learn driving theory online. However, our website is unique thanks to our interactive and intuitive learning tools. When we notice that you need extra help with certain sections, you will be sent directly to that section to learn more and complement your knowledge. This is a much more effective way to close knowledge gaps compared to just repeating the driver's licence questions.

We make sure that you really do learn and understand the different steps. After all, the purpose of the theory test is to ensure that you are a good and safe driver, not to fail as many as possible. With our unique driver's licence game, practice tests and clearly structured driving theory, you will truly gain a deep understanding of the traffic rules. At the same time you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to pass the theory test on the first attempt.

"I'm crazy about this game that you made! The whole journey through has been a lot of fun and educational!"

"Thanks for a structured and educational game. It has taught me a lot before the real test!"

"So great to study with, this is my new bible! I use it on the train, at work and at home!"

Learn the road signs and pass your theory test

An important part of preparing for the theory test is learning all the road signs. Knowing what they mean is very important in order for you to become a safe driver. When driving, you will often only have a few seconds to make the correct decision when a road sign appears. Many questions on the theory test are about road signs, so we recommend that you spend some extra time learning them.

Here you can find our page containing all Swedish road signs, complete with pictures and clear and simple descriptions, so that you can study and learn them on your own. Of course, you will also get many questions about road signs in our practice driving tests.

"So worth the money! I stopped reading the theory book and completely switched to this. And passed the theory test!"

"I recommended! It helps me to pass my test at the first attempt. I like the game is so fun and keeps me motivated. Thanks!"

"Purchased iKörkort 1 week before my theory exam and did The Licence Game and all the questions. I was able to pass my theory in one attempt. Lots of questions to practice and each provide detailed explanations of the options."

The theory test is only part of the journey towards your driver's licence

Although it is very important to study theory, it is only a part of the process in taking a driver's licence. It is equally as important to spend as many hours as possible behind the wheel, so that you can practice your driving skills and become a safe driver. To ensure that you learn to drive correctly, we recommend that you take the help of a good traffic school in your area. The school will teach you safe driving techniques and help you to practice the most difficult steps. If possible, you should also practice driving privately with your own instructor to gain even more time behind the wheel.

Study theory with the help of our service, use a driving school to learn safe driving and practice driving privately. Follow these steps and you will have your driver's licence in no time!

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