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Multi-user licences

iKörkort.nu is used by traffic schools, municipalities and other educators throughout Sweden. Our online course makes driver's licence theory easier and more fun to learn and gives the student all the knowledge they need pass the theory test.

To order, simply contact us and tell us how many activation codes you wish to buy and how long you want your students to have access to our course. The more codes you order, the more discount we can offer.

After receiving your order, we will immediately send a list of activation codes together with instructions and your invoice. Your students can then create their account with us and start studying immediately!

Content and features
1,400 theory questions

1,400 theory questions

Our driver's licence theory questions are very similar to the real questions and prepare the student well for the theory test.
Förklaringar till alla frågor

Explanations for all questions

All theory questions have an explanation that will quickly help the student to understand even the most difficult questions.
Obegränsat antal prov

Unlimited number of tests

The student can choose between smart practice tests, topic tests, road signs tests, realistic theory tests or custom tests.


To make the licence theory easier to understand, the student can listen to all of iKörkort.nu's content.
Marknadens bästa innehåll

The best content on the market

We have been developing and improving iKörkort.nu's content since 2010, based on feedback from thousands of users.
Fungerar på alla enheter

Works on all devices

iKörkort.nu adapts to the student's device and screen and therefore works just as well on a computer as it does on an iPhone or Android tablet.
Billigt och smidigt

Cheap and convenient

Our affordable service is easy to use and allows the student to study on their own terms.
Lärorikt spelläge

Educational and fun game mode

Our game The Licence Game lets the student play their way through the entire driver's licence theory, which makes studying more fun and easier than ever!
English and Swedish

English and Swedish

All questions, theory and all other content available in both English and Swedish.

Price per activation code excluding VAT

Quantity Discount 1 month 3 months 12 months
2-10 10% 143 kr 215 kr 323 kr
11-20 20% 127 kr 191 kr 287 kr
21-30 30% 111 kr 167 kr 251 kr
31-40 40% 95 kr 143 kr 215 kr
41-50 45% 87 kr 131 kr 197 kr
51-100 50% 79 kr 119 kr 179 kr


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Frequently asked questions about our multi-user licences

What does the student receive?

The student receives an iKörkort.nu membership for 1, 3 or 12 months (depending on which membership you order) and access to all our 1,400 driver's licence theory questions, an unlimited number of tests, our entire game The Licence Game and everything else they need to pass The Swedish Transport Administration's theory test for B-class driver's licences.

Is studying with iKörkort.nu enough to pass the real theory test?

Yes, iKörkort.nu contains everything the student needs to know to pass the real theory test.

How long are the activation codes valid?

The activation codes are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Each activation code can be used at any time within this time period. The membership is only activated once the code has been used.

How are the activation codes sent?

The activation codes are sent in a document together with clear instructions about how the student creates their account.

What about the payment?

You pay the invoice within 10 days.

Do you offer educational training for licences other than B-class?

Yes, we also provide educational training for BE-class (car with heavy trailer), A-class (motorcycle) and AM-class (moped) licences. Please note these other services are currently only offered in Swedish. If you wish to order activation codes for our other services, please contact us.