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Here you will find reviews of iKörkort by users, bloggers and journalists.
Thanks! Just took the test and passed by a large margin and iKörkort is why I passed! I recognized many of the questions and felt confident in my answers! /LinnéaBee
Only used iKörkort for a few months and passed the theory. Haven't even opened any antique old dusty book. /Henrik Nordström
Much like the real theory test, if you know the answers to iKörkort's questions, you will also know the answers on the theory test. /P.R.86
Got 60 points on the theory test thanks to iKörkort, highly recommended! /Michael Helling
Almost 2 years since I got my driver's license never even opened the driver's licence book and I passed the theory on the first attempt thanks to iKörkort, highly recommended 👍👍 /Okänd
The best! Passed the test on the first try after using iKörkort for about a week. I did each question category individually until I scored 100% on them, then I did tests with all categories selected. /Svenne banan N13
Only studied with iKörkort and did some tests at my driving school. Passed the theory on the first try! Go through all the tests you do and read the explanations to all the questions, this way I learned a lot! /Ida Ida Ida
SO AWESOME!!!! Started grinding the driver's licence questions 2 days before the test. Did over 70 tests on iKörkort in 2 days and got 53 on the real test thanks a lot!!!!!! /Jimmyleet
Great! There was only a 1% difference between my average score in iKörkort and what I got on the theory test. Passed on the first attempt! Easy and practical to be able to practice some theory questions on the bus on the way to work! /Frädde

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Using iKörkort and the book I got 58 on the first try! recommended !!! /adrianssens
Good addition to the theory book, alternated reading the book and doing iKörkort's tests. Passed the theory test with 58 points. Thanks for a study aid! / Lisa banbi
So good!!! I highly recommended iKörkort!! 👍👍👍 /Hannahitsmelove
Has everything you need to learn the theory! Easy to use and good content! 🚙 /esset09
Worth every penny, passed the theory test on the first attempt without any problems, and I have only used iKörkort! /Brahsor
The greatest! Thanks to iKörkort I passed the test on the first attempt! 👍 /Wiwiwiwiwiw
Super good! A lot of information, good excercices! /Jennifrhenn
Recommend! Really good, passed the first theory test. iKörkort was very helpful. Thanks! /Kisaliibr