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Common theory questions

When is the risk of black ice greatest?

The risk of black ice is greatest when the weather clears up after rain or fog and the temperature is around 0 °C.

Places and conditions where the risk of black ice is increased:

  • Roads along open water – Wind and moisture quickly make the road surface slippery.
  • Roads through open farming landscapes – Wind that blows over the fields can carry snow that polishes the road surface.
  • Bridges and viaducts – Roads are quickly chilled from both below and above. If they are near open water, moisture make them even more slippery.
  • Freezing rain – Rain that looks like normal rain but freezes immediately upon contact with the road.
  • Shady forest areas – The moisture remains on the road surface and turns into ice if it is cold enough.
  • Moist roads and clearing weather – Risk of the road surface freezing when the temperature drops.