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Common theory questions

How may cyclists turn left at junctions?

Cyclists and moped riders may usually turn left in two different ways:

  1. Prior to the turn they can stay in the right-hand part of the left-hand lane and then turn left at the junction. This is called "the tighter turn".
  2. They may also keep to the right in the right-hand lane and continue straight ahead, crossing over to the other side of the junction. When it is safe to do so, they may complete the left turn by riding or leading the cycle across the road. This is called "the wider turn".

Even if it looks like a cyclist is going to continue straight ahead or turn right at a junction, he or she might turn left when you least expect it. Be extra attentive at junctions, especially when there is a lot of traffic, so that no misunderstandings arise.

Cyclists and moped riders in a lane that is solely intended for right-turning traffic are not allowed to make the "the wider turn".