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Common theory questions

When is the risk of becoming speed blind greatest?

The risk of becoming speed blind is greatest on straight, wide and smooth motorways with little traffic while driving through open landscapes.

The biggest risk with speed blindness is that you underestimate how long it will take to lower your speed or stop the car completely. This can, for example, lead you to drive too fast onto a motorway exit, which may then cause you to drive off the road or misjudge the car's stopping distance and potentially drive into a vehicle ahead.

Risk factors

  • High speeds
  • Straight, wide and smooth roads
  • A silent car
  • Monotonous driving
  • Little or no traffic
  • Fatigue


  • Excessive speed at exits and in sharp turns – risk of driving off the road.
  • Underestimated stopping distance – risk of collision.
  • Insufficient following distance – risk of collision.
  • Excessive speed – risk of fines.