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Common theory questions

How do you usually perform a left turn on a country road with very little traffic?

If the road is mostly free of traffic and you feel certain the turn can be performed safely, this is how you turn left correctly:

Start by checking for traffic behind well in advance of the turn. Proceed by indicating left and positioning your car close to the centre line to let other drivers know of your intentions to turn. If there is traffic behind you, tap the brake pedal lightly a few times to alert drivers behind you of your intentions to slow down.

Keep checking both following and oncoming traffic while adapting your speed so that you can, if possible, turn without first having to stop to give way to oncoming traffic.

If you are forced to stop before turning, you should stop next to the centre line with the wheels turned straight ahead – if they are turned to the left, your car can be thrown into the oncoming lane if you are hit from behind by another vehicle.

After turning left, position the car on the right-hand side of the lane.