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Common theory questions

Do you have to contact the police if you have collided with an animal?

If you collide with any of the following animals you must contact the police and mark the location of the accident:

  • Moose
  • Deer
  • Roe deer
  • Wild boar
  • Lynx
  • Wolverine
  • Mouflon sheep
  • Bear
  • Otter
  • Wolf
  • Eagle

Exception: If you collide with a bear, wolf, wild boar or lynx, you should not exit the car at the scene of the accident. If the car can be driven, you should mark the location approximately 100 metres from the scene of the accident. Inform the police about this when you report the accident.

If you collide with a domestic animal (for example a cow, reindeer or dog), you should first try to locate or contact the owner of the animal. If you cannot get a hold of the owner, you must report the accident to the police.