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Common theory questions

As a driver, what do you have to keep in mind when children are staying on or near the road?

As a driver you hav to keep in mind that children do not have the same vision and hearing abilities that adults do. They cannot switch from near to long-distance vision or determine where a sound is coming from in the same way adults can. Children are also unable to accurately judge speeds and distances.

Although you may think a child has seen your car, it is not at all certain that he or she has done so, or that the child will not run onto the street regardless.

It may also be the other way around: you might not see a child who is heading onto the street. As most children are small, you might not see a child behind a bush or parked car further down the road.

Children are often impulsive and do not always think before they act. It is not uncommon for children to suddenly run onto the road – maybe chasing a ball or running away from someone as part of a game. Before reversing, keep in mind that children sometimes hide or play behind parked cars as well.

Children also often play together with other children. So when you see a child on or near the road, you have to be prepared for there to be other children nearby.