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Common theory questions

When do you have to give way to a bus about to move off a bus stop?

Always be on alert when passing stationary buses. On roads where the speed limit is 50 km/h or lower, you must always slow down or stop completely if the bus driver indicates their intention to move off the bus stop. If the road has several lanes in the same direction of travel, this rule applies only if you are driving in the right-hand lane.

On roads where the speed limit exceeds 50 km/h, it is the other way around: the bus driver must give way.

Regardless of the road's speed limitation, you must always pass stationary buses with great care and leave plenty of sideways clearance. You must always be prepared to stop, even if the bus driver has a duty to give way, as pedestrians might step onto the road in front of the bus, where your view is obscured.