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Common theory questions

What does economical driving mean?

Economical driving is a very calm, smooth and calculated driving style that reduces the car's fuel consumption.

By learning how to drive economically, you can reduce your car's fuel consumption by 10-20%, while at the same time subjecting the car to less wear. Over time, driving in this manner can save you a lot of money in reduced fuel and repair costs.

An economical driving style also produces less exhaust emissions and noise than a more aggressive one.

In short, driving economically means that you should:

  • Upshift gears early and skip gears.
  • Accelerate firmly and drive in the highest possible gear.
  • Avoid engine speeds above 3,000 rpm.
  • Avoid excessive speed.
  • Maintain a steady throttle.
  • Engine brake whenever possible.
  • Plan your driving.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking and stopping.
  • Roll downhill without accelerating and maintain a steady speed uphill.