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Common theory questions

In what order should traffic instructions be followed?

If you are driving and encounter several instructions at the same time, the following order of priority applies:

  1. Police officer's signal
  2. Traffic signals (light and sound signals)
  3. Road signs
  4. General traffic rules (for example the priority to the right-rule)

Of all the signals you can encounter while driving, a police officer's signal has the highest priority. It applies before traffic signals, road signs and general traffic rules.

If you approach a junction and a police officer signals for you to keep driving, you should keep driving, even if there is a red light or a stop sign posted next to the junction.

It is called "police officer's signal", but the following occupational groups also have the authority to direct traffic:

  • Vehicle inspectors
  • Escorts for wide, long and heavy loads
  • Customs officials
  • Traffic wardens (parking officers)
  • Road workers with a red flag
  • Other persons appointed by an authority to direct traffic