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Common theory questions

In which type of child safety device should a child who is 2 years old sit?

Children should sit in a backward-facing child seat from 7 months up to about 4 years.

Backward-facing child seat

  • A child seat must never be placed in a seat with frontal airbag protection.
  • If the child's head clears the edge of the child seat, the seat is too small.
  • Secure the child with the child seat's harness. The lap belt should sit over the hip and not over the stomach.
  • Secure the child seat with a car's seat belt or an ISOFIX attachment system.
  • In the front seat, the child seat should rest against the dashboard.
  • In the back seat, the child seat should rest against the back of the front seat.

There are also front-facing child seats, but they have a significantly lower protective capacity than backward-facing child seats.