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Common theory questions

Which vehicles are you allowed to drive if you have a B class licence?

The B class licence gives you the right to drive:

  • Private cars* (with light trailer)
  • Light trucks** (with light trailer)
  • Mopeds class 1 and 2
  • Tractors class A and B
  • Motorised equipment class 1 and 2
  • Off-road motor vehicles
  • Three*** and four-wheeled motorcycles

* A private car is a vehicle with a maximum of nine seats (one seat for the driver and eight for passengers) and a total weight of no more than 3,500 kg.

** A light truck (sometimes called light goods vehicle or light lorry) is a truck with a total weight of no more than 3,500 kg, which is primarily intended for freight transport and cannot be considered a private car or bus.

*** To drive a three-wheeled motorcycle over 15 kW, you must be at least 21 years old.