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Common theory questions

How old does a person at least have to be to be a driving practice instructor?

An instructor must be at least 24 years old and must have a driver's licence for the vehicle you are going to practice driving with. Consequently, a person who only has a B class licence cannot be an instructor for a person who is going to practice driving with, for example, a motorcycle or heavy truck.

The instructor must have had a driver's licence for at least five of the previous ten years. Their licence must not have been revoked for more than three months in the last three years. The instructor must also not have had alcohol interlock conditions on their licence within the past three years.

If you are going to practice driving privately, you must first undergo an introductory course (introduktionsutbildning). If your instructor, that is, the person you are going to practice with, has not already completed the introductory course in the last five years, he or she must also do so.