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Common theory questions

How do you carry out a safety check on a trailer?

Before driving with a trailer coupled to a car you must carry out a safety check.

Check that:

  • The coupling is secure – the tow bar must be completely inside the coupling device and the coupling locked on the ball.
  • The tow ball weight is correct (usually 50-100 kg) – keep in mind that an insufficient ball weight makes the vehicle combination a traffic hazard.
  • The safety wire is properly attached to the car and is not trailing on the ground – it must not just sit around the tow ball as the cable must function even if the ball fails. If the trailer jumps off the tow bar, the safety wire is pulled and the emergency brake is activated.
  • The electrical plug is properly connected and is not trailing on the ground.
  • All the car and trailer lights are functioning.
  • The trailer's parking brake is fully released.
  • The jockey wheel (support wheel) is fully raised and locked.
  • The rear-view mirrors of the car are correctly set.